Posts from September 2018

We live in a world that has become so much more aware of special needs. Whether it be a physical disability, being mentally challenged, having learning difficulties or impairments to sight or hearing, all these things can affect our everyday life – from the small things to the big. A cleaning company might not be the first thing to spring to mind when you think about helping such ones. 
For those that do suffer with any type of disability, trying to keep a clean home can be an added source of stress. We are able to help with this as little or as often as needed and help alleviate some of that stress. 
In one of our latest jobs, we came across someone who suffered with a mental illness and as such, was struggling to keep on top of the things around the home. We came in and took care of what they needed doing. Helping this customer improve their living conditions around them meant that they could focus on their health, without having to worry about getting the everyday things done. 


  • September 2018
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